Information Processors Curated by Shane Walsh

Featuring works from artists; Joey Borovicka, Shane Walsh, Janet Bruhn, Zoe Nelson, Michelle Bollinger, Chris Miller, and Bradley Biancardi.

If we consider these artists and their work in terms of information processing, it may help us gain greater access to what they are thinking and doing in their studios. What kind of information are these painters sourcing? How are they filtering it and realizing all of this is in a physical form? This approach to viewing the work might also help to break down some of the limiting and conventional ways we tend to categorize paintings. The now cliché polemics of abstraction versus representation, flatness versus space, academic versus new casualist, lead us back to the same ossified ways of considering painting and results in familiar antiquated perceptions. Instead of focusing our energy on fixed categories within painting we should consider how the painter using the wide array of options available to artists working today, and how this information is organized in particular ways. If we consider these works from this more democratic point of view, our experiences and insights might end up in a new place, granting us access to the artist and their work. From this viewpoint, we can further understand the translation of raw data into paint.